Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lost shoes...

Oh my gosh!  I can't believe it's been a week since I last wrote!  Well, there's a reason for that - I haven't really ridden.  Charlie got Tuesday off - figured he was probably traumatized after getting his teeth done and his sheath cleaned.  I was going to take him on a trail ride around the development in Wed but he lost his marbles by the time we got to the end of the driveway and I was having flashes of him dumping me and getting hit by a car so we turned back.  I rode him a little on the flat and he was good - worked mostly on the walk.  He got Thursday off for some reason...and when I went to ride on Friday, his shoes were really loose.  I tried to ghetto tighten them (i.e. use a hammer to try and tighten the clinches) but it didn't work very well.  I could hear his shoes clinking after about 12 min (yup, I timed it!) so that was the end to that.  When I went to the barn on Saturday, his left hind was hanging on by a thread (meaning one nail) so I had to pull it.  I tried to wrap it but he kept pulling the wrap off so he went naked on that foot.  His right front was really loose so I taped that on - he looked pretty redneck!  And once again I get an "F" for picture taking.

I have to trailer him to Janna's to get shoes so this morning was farrier day.  I went and fed him and after he was done eating, he was running around like a crazy horse!  And he managed to pull the loose front shoe even though I had gorilla tape (best invention ever!) on it.  Well, he must have bruised his foot with his shenanigans because the farrier had a really tough time getting a shoe on him (I've decided he's a wuss when it comes to pain).  So he's still sore and he'll be getting a couple of days off. :(  I have my Navy stuff this weekend so he probably won't get ridden until Monday (as long as he's sound!).  Kind of a bummer.

This is about the 20th time Bruce (the farrier) reset the "Prince's" shoe trying to make him more comfortable.  Amazingly, when I took him out to graze he had a miraculous recovery.  He wasn't 100% but he wasn't head bobbing lame at the walk either.  Silly pony!


  1. smart pony!!! grass=sound :)

    hope he feels better soon!!!

  2. Thanks! I really hate to see him feeling so uncomfortable so hopefully he'll feel better in a few days.

  3. The wonderful game of musical shoes. :-/ Hope that gets all sorted out and he's back to normal in no time.

    1. Thanks - he was much better today. Still a smidge ouchy, but much more comfortable.