Sunday, May 20, 2012

A quandry...

So I'll start off with the good news...I finally rode my pony and I now remember why I spend so much money on him! :)  I've actually ridden him 3 times since I last posted (I know, I'm a slacker!) and he has been foot perfect each time.  I've kept things pretty light and easy - for him and me.

First ride was basically just to knock the rust off - no worries for Charlie, he was great.  Me on the other hand, not so much.  I was actually a little sore which kind of surprised me; not awful but I could definitely feel a few twinges.  Second ride, I was a little more insistent about asking for some bend and ensuring he was forward into the contact.  I feel like we've lost a lot of ground on where we were 2 months ago.  Oh well, such is life.

And today we jumped!  Nothing crazy, but it was fun and I think he enjoyed it.  One thing I didn't really expect out of this whole hiatus is that I think Charlie missed being ridden.  I'm not going to lie - I've been a bit of a bad horse mom these last couple of weeks.  I didn't really pay much attention to him (bad me!!!).  I looked him over at every feeding and sprayed him with fly spray but I didn't really brush him or spend time with him and I think he missed that.  I know I did.

So I promised Charlie that I wouldn't let that happen again.  Even if I'm not riding, he still deserves to be pampered.  The fact that he didn't buck me off after a 5+ week break is enough of a reason but when you take into account how flipping sweet he is, he definitely deserves it.

Now onto the quandary...this is something I've been contemplating for a while now.  I'm kind of not into the whole eventing thing anymore.  But not for the reason you probably think.  I love jumping this horse and he's a blast to ride across the country but I HATE dressage.  I hate riding a test!  I don't mind schooling it and taking dressage lessons but I hate actually riding a test.  I hate worrying about whether or not he's halting squarely, whether or not he's stays round in transitions, etc.  When I stop thinking about movements in the context of the test and just ride what I feel underneath me, life is good.  But when I have to think about them in the context of a test, I get very frustrated when things aren't perfect.  Makes me a very bad rider.  And Charlie doesn't deserve that.  So I'm not entirely sure where this leaves me.  I'm thinking jumper land because I love the technicality that comes with the jumpers - the more technical a course, the better I ride.  But we'll see.  I'm supposed to go to a schooling event in June (can we say HOT?) - I was going to use this as my move up to Novice but I'm thinking that's not such a smart idea given our recent hiatus.  We'll see.  I've identified myself as an event rider for so long it's a little unsettling to think of myself switching teams...


Charlie's cute face - he's so curious!  Whenever I try to get a head shot, he won't just stand there.  He walks toward me to check out what I'm doing.


Don't know if I've mentioned it before, but Charlie has spots!  The sun is making them tough to see but he has 2 very noticeable white spots on his left butt cheek and 2 darker ones (think liver chestnut) on his right butt cheek.  And yes, those are hives on his tummy from what, I don't know.  Next time I think it's a good idea to get a chestnut, someone please smack me.  Oh, and no more white - he has a ton of crud on his white sock legs which I've been coating with stuff.  Think there's anything on the non-white legs?  'Course not.

Not a very good picture, but can you see the blimp?  Charlie saw it first!

I'm being rushed off to dinner, so apologies if the editing is lacking - I promise to proof read later!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The day that was to be...

So today was supposed to be the day I finally put my foot back in the stirrup except I was sidelined with a migraine.  I just can't catch a break! :(  Let me back up...

I was supposed to be in Denver today but my trip got cancelled at the last minute - boo!  Yesterday, Charlie got his new kicks which were much needed.  I had to pull one of his shoes because it was so loose.  I knew I wouldn't be able to ride yesterday because I had class all afternoon and into the evening.  I was actually in a bit of a rush to get back from Janna's so I could make it to class on time and Charlie decided to make life interesting by refusing to get on the trailer to come home.  Any body want a big red horse with a cute face?  He made me mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Janna had to help me get him on the trailer.  Not sure what I'm going to do to solve this problem that seems to be becoming a bigger problem.


How Charlie started off the week - notice his booted foot.  He looks skinny here but I promise he's actually pretty chubby!  Yay for chubby TBs!


Charlie being dumb - running the fence line because his girlfriend was in the barn without him.


Being even dumber - refusing to get on the trailer (note - his front feet are on the ramp).  Bad horse!


Maybe this means my luck is changing?  Hopefully...

So I will ride tomorrow one way or another...keep your fingers crossed I live to tell about it...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What the heck?!?!

So, what the heck is going on?  No riding that's what's going on.  I had a minor medical thing done on Thursday morning which I though was going to put me out for the weekend.  No big deal as I had to spend the weekend in GA doing my Navy thing.  Well, doctor says "No riding for a week" - what?!?!  That wasn't part of the plan.  Such is life lately.

Now, I was all set to hop on Charlie tomorrow but his freaking shoes are loose!  What the heck?!?!  The farrier isn't supposed to come until next Tuesday.  I think I mentioned this but just in case I didn't - he comes up from Aiken so I have to hope, pray, make offerings to whatever gods that Charlie doesn't pull a shoe mid-shoeing.  Not an ideal situation but the guy is very good although we may be having a conversation about putting the nails a little higher in hopes that Charlie's shoes stay tighter, longer.

Now I leave you with some photos...


I forgot to include this in my last post - Charlie playing racehorse before loading up for our lesson with Janna.


This was from this morning - Charlie's looking a little soggy while eating breakfast.

Oh, I almost forgot!  So now I'm going to have to buy 10 rolls of gorilla tape to try and keep his shoes on until next Tues.  And then on Wed, I leave to spend 3 days in Denver.  I think Charlie will be up to almost 5 weeks vacation.  I'm going to be lucky if he doesn't go native on me...sigh...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's just beginning...

I think I mentioned when I was whining about the cold that I would soon be whining about the heat.  Well, that time has come - I hate the heat!  I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate the heat.  I bring this up because my lesson yesterday was at 11:00 and it was 85 degrees out, no breeze, no clouds.  It was hot.

Ok, enough whining.  Lesson was pretty good.  Charlie has switched sides -  he used to be super easy to ride to the left but now he seems to like going to the right better.  Very odd.  I almost wonder if he rolled wrong and something's out of whack.  I see dollar signs in my future...

We worked a bit on the flat, focusing on spiral in and spiral out to try and supple him.  Janna and I both felt he was pretty good considering how much time off he's had.  Then we moved onto jumping - my favorite!  The focus was primarily on keeping him straight and maintaining the canter.  If I give him the correct canter, the genius can figure out where to put his feet.  It's a bit crazy how stinking smart he is about that kind of stuff.  I was pretty excited because 2'9" looked small to me.  Been awhile since that's been the case. :)  Overall, a good lesson and gives me some motivation.  Only downside, I have my Navy stuff again the weekend - I feel like I was just driving down there.  Oh well, money is always a good thing!


Charlie after our lesson - poor guy!  He was literally dripping with sweat.  Janna says that lots of sweat is good.  I hope so!  He seemed to recover just fine and the silly pony wouldn't drink anything until we got home (an hour trailer ride).