Saturday, March 31, 2012

Where Janna rides Charlie...

I should have taken a picture but I usual.  So yesterday was lesson day with Janna and she got on the big guy.  She's used to big guys - her old horse, Elliot, is a 17.2hh draft cross.

We started off with working on the flat and of course I couldn't keep my mouth shut so I told her about my lesson with Carolyn and the connection theme.  We worked on you guessed it - connection.  Janna's really good about pointing out position things such as I need to keep my upper body back so Charlie's able to lift his front end up to me and I need to keep my hands up so the connection with Charlie's mouth comes from my elbows.  We worked on that and also asking Charlie to sit more and raise his frame from a BN/N frame into more of a T frame.  Hard work folks!

Then Janna got on him.  It was awesome to see him go with someone else and it was really good for me to see her ride him.  She's awesome with her upper body and her hands so I know have a really good mental image of what I should look like on him.  She was able to get some really nice moments of him sitting and really using his hind end.  It's still hard for him to do that so I think I need to make better use of the hills at home to strengthen the butt.  I think she was a little surprised at how much leg he took - made me feel better!  I thought I was just being a whiny weakling.

To end the lesson, I got to jump some of the cross country jumps Janna's been putting up around the property for pony club testings.  They're super cute - she's done a really fantastic job building them.  Charlie was really brave and I wish I'd put my 3-ring bit on him to try because he was strong enough that I would have been able to tell if it would be a good bit for cross country.  Oh well, next time!

Coop in the fence line - small BN size.

Baby rock pile!

Baby coop with a slightly bigger one next to it.

Charlie would have walked over this if I let him.

Small BN cordwood pile.

No riding today.  Flat day tomorrow to work on connection.  I also need to start learning my tests for the little dressage show - I'm going to sign up for BN Test B and N Test A.


  1. Those jumps looks great! So fun that you got to jump them!!!

  2. Thanks! I think Janna did a super job making them look like the real deal even though they're for the little guys.