Sunday, March 11, 2012

Computers! And a few other things...

I just wrote this whole long post and my computer decided to freeze!  I lost everything!  So here it is in a nutshell because I'm too annoyed to write the whole thing over!

Charlie got some new kicks on Tues and proceeded to rip a huge hole in his bell boots.

New shoes and far bell boot minus a huge chunk!
Wed = day off, thursday was flatting, and friday we had a jumping lesson with some major breakthroughs!  Sat = another day off as I was stuck in Labor and Delivery all day. :(  Flat today where he was ok but a little tense.  Need to figure out how to help him relax.

I got a new hat cover seeing as the old one is from 1994 - the only thing wrong with the old one is it's seriously faded.  Both covers are from Sipp Silks - can't say enough good things about them so if you're in the market for a helmet cover, I highly recommend them.

Old one is obviously on the left!  Huge difference, huh?
I think some jumping may be in order for tomorrow...


  1. Henry eats his bell boots all the time- don't you just love that?! haha

    Oh and your helmet cover lasted forever and looks good! I just thought it was supposed to be gray :)

  2. Haha! I know - I'm kind of bummed because I think the old one fits better than the new one. Probably because the new helmets are slightly bigger than the old ones. I don't typically put bell boots on Charlie but better safe than sorry! The really funny thing is the velcro part stays in the back so they still work. Good thing as I don't have another pair at the moment!

  3. Totally agree with better safe then sorry! I am the same way :)

    Yeah the new one looks bigger- very weird that they changed the size!