Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pain is weakness leaving the body...

...or at least that's what my drill instructor always told us.  Two weeks off has been tough on the pretty non-existent fitness level.  Although, I think in some ways it's good - I now realize how out of shape I really am. :(  Truth hurts.  So begins the fitness challenge.  I had already planned on creating a calendar of sorts so I would have a riding plan - now I'm just going to tack on some fitness work to said calendar.  I need some cardio as well so we'll see what I come up with.  I'm pretty motivated for any number of reasons but the bottom-line is I want to ride better and in order to do that, I need to be fitter...a lot fitter.

So yesterday was another flat day.  Charlie was good as usual.  I spent some time stirrup-less which was painful.  It's kind of like the "gift" that keeps on giving because I'm sore today and I'm sure it will be worse tomorrow.  The no-stirrup work really highlighted how weak my right side is.  I typically drop the inside stirrup (it's harder for some reason) and going to the left was ok but going to the right was nearly impossible.  So I now know why Charlie falls in going to the right...

Today was flatting again and SuperDad was kind enough to come video.  It was a bit depressing to watch but a good motivator.  Charlie looks pretty good but would look better if my leg were stronger.  I can really see how much more he has to give if I can push him up through his back.  As Janna always says, Charlie will do pleasant all day long, it's up to me to make him brilliant.

The farm owners are logging and Charlie thought it would be a good idea to go investigate - not kidding.  He was literally on the buckle and turned away from home to go pick through the fallen tress. Silly pony!

Playing peek-a-boo.

Enjoying some alfalfa.  I'm playing with his diet once again and want to see if he can handle a hay with a higher alfalfa content.  I bought a bale of alfalfa and am giving him a flake/day to see how he does before I commit to buying a 900 lb bale that is a 50/50 mix.

So this is kind of gross but have you ever seen a horse with ear wax?  Well, Charlie has some and he's not a fan of me coming near his ears with scissors...

This is going to be my workout buddy except she much prefers this to working out.  She's going to help me get "legged-up" but once I start running she'll have to stay behind.  After running for about 1/2 mile, she poops out and will literally lie down in the middle of the road.

Won't be able to ride tomorrow between class and my clinical orientation (in the ER!!! Yay!), I don't think I'll have time.  Lesson on Friday which should be fun.


  1. We can all do it! Motivate each other! Your dog is cute :)

    1. Yes please! I need someone to hold me accountable. I'm going to publish the plan once I put it together (hopefully this weekend) and then do weekly updates on what I did and didn't do. Thanks - Lilo is awesome! She and Charlie have a lot of the same qualities - both are super sweet, laid back, and LAZY! Haha! :)

  2. <3 Brave red men. They are the cutest.

    I am dropping my stirrups tomorrow.

    As long as the air is breathable.

  3. Haha the ear wax cracked me up! Good luck removing it!

    Your puppy is so cute!