Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quick update courtesy of SuperMom

SuperMom has been taking care of Charlie while I've been gone and I left her with very strict instructions.  Because she's SuperMom, she's been following them to the letter rather than telling me I'm a neurotic, over-protective horse owner.  And because she's super, she's been sending me photos of the pony while I've been gone.  Without further ado, for your viewing pleasure...

Eating after a bath - Charlie's favorite activity post-bath.

Basking in the sun.  Mom says the weather has been pretty nice since I've been gone...figures.

Not great quality but...enjoying some time out during the day - apparently it's been consistently under 85 during the so Charlie's been spending the days out which I know he appreciates.


  1. Aww, good to see the big red guy again! I miss your updates!

  2. She gave him a bath?? She really is super mom.

  3. Ah I love getting pony pics when I am out of town!

  4. Thanks ladies! SuperMom is indeed super - she took excellent care of Charlie and even admitted today that she misses going out and taking care of him now that I'm home. I'm very, very lucky.