Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's just beginning...

I think I mentioned when I was whining about the cold that I would soon be whining about the heat.  Well, that time has come - I hate the heat!  I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate the heat.  I bring this up because my lesson yesterday was at 11:00 and it was 85 degrees out, no breeze, no clouds.  It was hot.

Ok, enough whining.  Lesson was pretty good.  Charlie has switched sides -  he used to be super easy to ride to the left but now he seems to like going to the right better.  Very odd.  I almost wonder if he rolled wrong and something's out of whack.  I see dollar signs in my future...

We worked a bit on the flat, focusing on spiral in and spiral out to try and supple him.  Janna and I both felt he was pretty good considering how much time off he's had.  Then we moved onto jumping - my favorite!  The focus was primarily on keeping him straight and maintaining the canter.  If I give him the correct canter, the genius can figure out where to put his feet.  It's a bit crazy how stinking smart he is about that kind of stuff.  I was pretty excited because 2'9" looked small to me.  Been awhile since that's been the case. :)  Overall, a good lesson and gives me some motivation.  Only downside, I have my Navy stuff again the weekend - I feel like I was just driving down there.  Oh well, money is always a good thing!


Charlie after our lesson - poor guy!  He was literally dripping with sweat.  Janna says that lots of sweat is good.  I hope so!  He seemed to recover just fine and the silly pony wouldn't drink anything until we got home (an hour trailer ride).


  1. oh he looks like he got a good workout! I bet the hosing off felt good to him (and you!)!

    Yay for a food lesson! :)

    1. I think I enjoyed it more! Silly pony - you'd think he would enjoy a cold shower but noooo! Water must be warm says the Prince!

  2. Yeah!! 2'9" looking tiny!

    I'm not there yet, but hopefully soon.

    Just think! Soon it will be even hotter. ;-)

    1. I know...:( I'm going to start hibernating pretty soon.