Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thanks and other pick-me-ups

Thank you very much for all your kind words - September is indeed a month I'd like to forget.  Onto brighter things - thank you very much to Kate at On a Steel Horse and Hillary at Equestrian as Hart for nominating me for the Sunshine Award.  I really appreciate it and it was so kind given my lack of presence in the blog-o-sphere of late.  I'm going to do better I promise!

Onto the questions!

1.  Mares or geldings?  Geldings, definitely.  I have enough drama in my life.

2.  English or Western?  English but I'm definitely intrigued by the working cow horse stuff.  Especially the cutting horses.

3.  Older or younger horses?  Doesn't matter.

4.  Have you ever started a horse from zero?  No and honestly, I have no desire to.  I don't think I have enough patience.

5.  Riding or groundwork?  Riding.

6.  Board or keep the pony at home?  A little of both.  While Charlie is not in my backyard, I provide all of his food and the vast majority of his care.

7.  Do you use primarily natural products or commercial products on your horse?  A little of both.  I think there is a time and a place for both.

8.  All tacked up or bareback?  If I owned a roly, poly quarter horse or pony, I'd be really tempted to choose bareback but alas I don't.  And Charlie's withers definitely make themselves known.

9.  Equestrian role model.  Hmmm…I have lots.  Lana duPont, Princess Anne, my mom, Amy, Cherie, Sinead Halpin, John Williams, Reed Kessler, and the list could go on and on.  Lots of exciting people riding right now.

10.  Main goal for your time in the horse world.  To be an advocate for my horse, put his needs first always, and to have FUN!

Thanks again ladies!  Just the shove I needed to climb fully back on the wagon.

I'm pretty sure everyone's been nominated but if you haven't, please let me know and I will nominate accordingly.


  1. Totally unrelated, but I just realized that Courage is the same age as Charlie. Fun!

  2. Your November is sure to be better than September was! Keep your head up.