Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Slight delay

I was going to write on Sunday evening, honest.  But I got caught in a project and ended up not having enough time.  It was a horsey project though so it's all good.  My dad helped me make these:

Cavalettis!  Kinda tough to see but there are 4 of them.

I found instructions on line and they were actually very easy to make especially if you have power tools!  Power tools are pretty key to your success but I suppose you could use a saw if you didn't have a power saw.  Any who, lucky for my checkbook, my parents had some spare 4x4s so I only had to buy two and the hardware - grand total $60.  If you had to buy all the 4x4s, it would probably cost in the neighborhood of $120-$130.

In progress.

We tested them out yesterday and Charlie approved.  Poor thing - we haven't jumped since August.  Oops!  I need to up my game as I'm starting to plan the winter schedule.  Looking like a couple of jumper shows in Aiken and two events (one in Aiken and one in Southern Pines) but we shall see what happens as the time gets closer.

Charlie's been quite good although a bit heavy.  I've been doing a lot of canter-walk-canter transitions as well as some counter canter to get him thinking about where his body is.  Everyday he feels stronger and stronger.  We did trot sets in the rain on Sunday which kinda sucked but could have been worse.  Good thing I don't live in the UK - I hate riding in the rain.

Ok, so it wasn't really raining more like drizzle but I still hate riding in the rain!

Just chilling before our ride this past Saturday.

So I've decided to never pull Charlie's tail as most eventers do.  He has a great braiding tail and I'm going to practice until I've perfected the art.  Any H/J folks want to give me some pointers?

Aren't they cute? 1 second after this, Lilo jumped back about five feet.  She can't quite figure the horse thing out.  But Charlie loves her anyway.

Tip of the day courtesy SuperMom: 1L Smart Water bottles make excellent boot trees.  Way better than newspaper rolls. 

I'm off to get hay tomorrow.  Fingers crossed he has stuff as nice as what I got this spring - ponies hoover that stuff up like they're starving!


  1. Love the cavalettis! They look really nice. For tail braiding, wet the hair down A LOT. That has been the biggest help to me, although I am no expert.

  2. Can I just say that I hate pulled tails only slightly less than I hate those hideous shaved rat tails that are going on right now? I mean, toilet brush tails must be tamed, but beyond that, I like a full, pretty tail.

    Winter schedule sounds like fun!

  3. For christmas last year I got some fabric boot trees that came from TJ Maxx/Ross and they are amazing. Really keep the shape of the boot.

  4. OMG that water bottle trick for boots is AMAZING!

    I am so not for pulling tails... eek.

    Love your project with your dad! Come make me some :)

  5. Fathers are awesome. And so handy when it comes to the power tools.

  6. Nice new toys! Hopefully you and Super Mom can still come down to Pine Top Saturday! If not we need to meet up in the spring for sure! :)