Sunday, January 13, 2013

A little late but...RECAP!!!

January saw us battling a horrible case of rain rot and making a fun trip to Aiken to cross country school at Jumping Branch.  January also saw me taking my first tumble in a very, very long time.  I learned it's really not fun to fall off an extra big horse.

Rain rot - yucky!

February saw us making the annual trek to Southern Pines to see Cherie.  Well, I went to see Cherie but Charlie went to see his BFF, Alex.  It also saw getting introduced to Carolyn who ended up revolutionizing how I ride on the flat.  I also dug into the archives to talk about my old horse, Fuzzy

 Charlie and Alex - BFFs...

March saw us going to our first recognized horse trial at Pine Top which was pretty successful.  A few bobbles but definitely showed we had potential.  March also saw me struggling with the concept of connection.
Charlie at Pine Top.

April wasn't a great month as it saw the beginning of our many shoeing issues.  It was also the month Charlie decided getting on the trailer wasn't fun so he wasn't going to do it.

Charlie refusing to get on the trailer - bad pony!

May saw me wondering what I really wanted to do with Charlie.  It also saw more farrier issues. :(

Bum foot...

June saw us going XC schooling at Long Shadow Farm with Sara and Maggie in preparation for our show at Carolina Horse Park which I felt was a total success!  It also saw us struggling with more farrier issues.

Long Shadow Farm barn - so pretty!

July marked our first trip to Aiken to get glue-ons but not the end of our feet troubles.  It was unbearably hot and meant I had to get up at the break of dawn if I wanted to ride without melting.  We had a couple of lessons with Carolyn and I really started to get the whole connection thing...finally!

Bruce and Charlie.

August saw me going out of town for two and a half weeks - SuperMom was kind enough to take care of the WonderPony for me.  She did a bang up job!

Pretty, shiny, chubby pony!

September saw us with more foot problems (I'm sensing a theme here...) as well as the start of our lessons with Amy.  The end of the month had us going to FENCE for our last beginner novice - walk in the park for the WonderPony.

Another bum foot...:(

October was our novice debut at the Carolina Horse Park - complete and total success from my point of view.  It seemed like all I did was post pictures.  And Charlie got some "work" done.

WonderPony, Novice - CHP.  

In November, I wrote about the pros and cons of living in the great state of South Carolina.  I also gave thanks because I feel pretty fortunate about my life and everyone who plays a part in it.  November was also the month I clipped Charlie for the second time in less than a month.  So much for thin skinned thoroughbreds...


December was a fairly quiet month and I blogged about how Charlie and I came to be.  I also highlighted some of my favorite blogs and moving on from connection to flexion.

First picture of Charlie - when it all began...

2012 was crazy but lots of fun.  2013 sees me moving onto a brand new chapter in my professional life and fortunately, I have Charlie to help keep me sane.  I'm pretty excited to see where this new year takes us.


  1. Looking forward to your adventures this year. Here's to happy feet in 2013!

    1. You noticed the theme, huh? ;) Going to change it up once again - fingers crossed it all works out...

  2. Can't wait to hear how 2013 goes and what it has to bring, lets hope it brings healthy feet with no problems :)

  3. I'm excited to read where the 2013 takes you too!

  4. As L said - can't wait to follow your adventures this year!

    1. Thanks! Right back at you - very excited to see where 2013 takes you and Houston!

  5. Hope you have more foot luck this year!

    1. Oh my gosh! You and me both - so frustrating! And it's not like farriers are easy to deal with - worse then most women!!!

  6. Replies
    1. You got it girl! Bring it, right? ;)