Wednesday, December 5, 2012

July at Christmas

So the weather here has been crazy - there is something very wrong about Christmas decorations in 75 degree weather but I digress...

So since it is somehow currently the 5th of December and I swear yesterday was the 9th of November, I have a lot to catch up on...sort of.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I made the trek down to Pine Top to jump judge.  It was beautiful - classic good eventing weather with a slight chill in the air and tons of sunshine.  It was a pretty full day as they were running BN through Int but went pretty smoothly.

This is how early I had to get up in order to make the jump judge meeting...

This was my view from my intermediate jump which was just a log roll top thingy.  The first water is through the trees.

This was my prelim fence - a pretty straightforward table.

Charlie has had a relatively light two weeks.  School is almost done - meaning I take my last final tomorrow.  The lead up has been a bit crazy for whatever reason.  I've been riding Charlie in his figure-8 (I love how it looks!) as he's been opening his mouth quite a bit when I start pressuring him on the flat.  He gets a smidge annoyed with it and then resigns himself and goes quite nicely.  I'm still working on the go button - some days are better than others.

Doesn't he look handsome?  Ignore the mismatched leg gear - someone forgot to do wash...

I haven't really started feeding hay yet although I think I'm going to start.  The fields are looking pretty sparse although weight-wise, I'm pretty happy with how he looks.  I'm also contemplating a round bale to help keep Charlie and his girlfriend busy.  I'd supplement with the higher quality hay I got in September.  Decisions, decisions...

Looking good if I do say so myself!

I decided to jump a couple of days ago because honestly, I was really sick of flatting.  Because I have no jump crew, Charlie gets to jump what I set-up.  I decided the below would be a great idea - I probably should have put a barrel out so he could have an opportunity to understand the exercise before asking him to do the below but he's the WonderPony so it's all good.  Once he got it, he was great - took him about 3 tries and then he had it.

Probably not one my brighter ideas.

Everything else has been pretty quiet.  I was supposed to have a lesson with Carolyn today but it got canceled due to rain - because we canceled, it didn't rain.

Sharing is caring.

I just thought this was cool - saw this in the grass on my way back to the barn after feeding the other morning.  Effects courtesy of Instagram which has to be my most favorite app ever.

'Tis the season - those green balls in the tress up ahead are mistletoe.  

Final tomorrow, Navy stuff this weekend in GA and then on Tuesday I go to DC of a day and half.  I wasn't super thrilled about the DC trip (it's Navy related) but I just found out that one of my Marine friends I mentioned in my Thanksgiving post is currently stationed at the Pentagon so I get to see him which is really awesome.  SuperMom is in charge as Nadine, the farm owner, is in Belgium visiting family.


  1. Charlie looks awesome!

    Those jumps look HUGE!

    1. Thanks and as for the jumps, I think it's the angle because they're probably about 2'3"...


    1) I am excited for giant XC courses.

    2) Charlie looks absolutely smashing in his figure eight. Love it!

    3) It is always appropriate to do boots in front and polos behind. I'm less a fan of the reverse.

    4) Skinny to skinny, yes? Cuna and I did that the other day (over very similar boxes). Once they get it (frequently coincides with me figuring out how to ride it), it is SO fun.

    1. Now I just have to find a job...eek!

      1) YES! Very exciting!
      2) Thanks - I think it makes him look very grown-up and sophisticated...horsey version of a suit, maybe?
      3) Well, this makes me feel slightly better but he really needs some ankle boots.
      4) Yes on the skinny to skinny. I'm not telling on the striding...

  3. you both look really good :) Love the spider web picture, I used to love instagram when I had my iphone xxx

    1. Thanks! Yes, instagram is fabulous - wish I'd discovered it long ago. Oh well, better late then never!

  4. Good Luck with your final tomorrow.
    Charlie is freaking adorable, I mean seriously he's so cute :)!

    1. Thanks! Final is done - now onto the licensing exam and finding someone willing to hire me...minor details! ;)

  5. Last final- woot! I wish that my job took a Christmas vacation like schools haha!

    I LOVE the figure 8.. I want one for Henry despite it not being something used in the hunter right lol- but I still want one :)

    Send some warm weather here.. it's been cold at night and then like 50's in the day- not quite warm or cold enough ugh!

    1. Haha! One pro to getting into the teaching industry is school breaks - I'll have to keep that in mind... Warm weather request has been sent although I don't think the weather gods are listening - it was 73 yesterday and 69 today. Thank goodness he's clipped!