Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Illness

So I mentioned last time I was sick and I thought I was getting better...well, I did get better on Wed.  But the illness was back with a vengeance on Thursday!  And boy was I cranky!  But I really think I'm on the road to wellness now - 2 good days in a row.  Yay!

I did ride on Wed - we jumped.  Charlie was really good.  I set up a row of 3 verticals on the centerline (each jump was parallel with the long side of the ring) about 24 ft apart.  The original goal was to do a serpentine over them but I didn't leave enough room between them for the loops - I don't think the ring is really long enough.  So we figured-8'ed over them and practiced staying in a rhythm with the same canter stride and getting the correct lead over each fence.  Charlie was great!  He was very collected and responsive - I'll bet he's going to be a blast in the jump-off.  I didn't really think he could be that turny because he's so long but I'll tell you what, the pony can be pretty darn maneuverable when he's paying attention.  And he's only going to get better as he gets stronger on the flat.

Friday was a flat day and he was pretty good - at least I think he was.  One thing I really struggle with is what is the correct amount of weight in the bridle?  How do I know he's not getting on his forehand?  I think I had good weight on Friday because 1) he was still bendable and 2) I felt when I asked for more energy from behind, he didn't get longer in his frame.  I worked on my canter transitions and staying tall and in the center.  I was moderately successful - I love that Charlie tells on me!  I also worked on my sitting trot - still need lots of work but I didn't feel like I was bouncing all over so that made me happy.  Note to self - look up when sitting!  I don't know what it is but for some reason, sitting makes it even more difficult to look up.  What is up with that?!?!

Today was some more jumping over the same exercise.  Charlie was very good!  I got a new saddle when I got back from Kuwait (in all honesty I got 2 and love both!  Best decision ever to trade in the old ones!) and for some reason the saddle pad is slipping back under the flaps.  My typical get-up is a square pad with a fleece half pad and the saddle itself isn't moving.  And the part of the square pad that's under the fleece isn't moving, just the part that's under the flaps.  It doesn't seem to bother Charlie but I think it looks dumb. In an effort to keep the pad under the flaps from slipping, I tried using the non-slip thing you put under a rug and by the end of the ride, it had bunched up under the pad making Charlie somewhat unhappy (he's a little bit of the Prince and the Pea) and the pad still slipped.  Maybe bunched is a better description.  I don't really want to go the Ecogold route as 1) they're pricey and 2) the saddle isn't moving but I'd really like something to keep us from looking like a hot mess (how's that for southern twang?).

Now for a photo montage from today - the weather was beautiful!  65 degrees by 1100.  Can't beat it!

Sadie says "please save me!"

Game on!


This was right before he fell down...

...but don't worry, he was just fine!

Who, me?  Crazy?  Please!

And here's Charlie harassing Sadie into playing with him.

I know I said I was excited to go volunteer at Pine Top but now I'm even more excited since they'll be running both the Advanced and the Intermediate cross country!  Can't wait!  Hopefully, I'll be able to snap a few pictures.


  1. I am jealous of your turnout. Omg.

    Ecogold is pricey, but it is oh so very pretty. :) If you get one, I will live vicariously through you. Are you using all the billet loops/straps on the pad? I have to attach every single thing to Izzy because she slips pads back like crazy. I'm thinking that 100% cotton pads are also supposed to slip less... but maybe I'm confused about that.

    As for the contact thing, it depends. Cuna (the giant OTTB) is not the most balanced horse ever, and when I get him connected back to front, he is -very- heavy in my hands. He could probably be lighter, but he's out of shape and needs his hocks done, so I don't worry too much. My super balanced Oldenburg mare doesn't need a lot of contact because she can hold herself up.