Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Ok, the title is kind of obnoxious but I couldn't resist!  I really struggle with goal setting - I imagine most people do.  I want them to be realistic and measurable (I know I've spent too much time in school since I'm dying to use SMART) but the measurable part usually trips me up.  If anybody has any suggestions on accomplishing the measurable part, I'm all ears...

Okay, no more stalling!

Yearly goals
1.  Complete 2 beginner novice HT, finishing on my dressage score.
2.  At the above mentioned HT, have a dressage score of 35 or less.
3.  Obtain a score of 6 or better (I'd really like a 7!) on my position.
Now for the goals that are harder to measure...
4a.  Concentrate on carrying my hands - my current MO is to drop my hands and lock my elbows, especially in transitions.  Ride the hind end, not the front end!
4b.  To go along with the above, stay soft in my elbow and hand, keeping an elastic, happy connection to Charlie's mouth.
5.  When jumping, work on the whiplash effect.  I tend to be very, ahem active, with my upper body.  I'm not jumping anything any where near big enough to be that active.  By the end of the year, I will be letting Charlie close my hip angle instead of me folding and then unfolding at dramatic speeds.
6.  On a more personal note, I need to be fitter - less flab, more tone; less jiggle, more strength; less bulk, more lean; you get the picture.  I'm going to either join a gym or start using my crazy collection of workout videos.  I haven't decided which yet (although I'm leaning towards the gym thing) but one way or another, I will be wearing a size 28 (currently in a 30/32) and be comfortable walking into the grocery store in breeches - I am not comfortable stopping anywhere in breeches at the moment although I'd rather be slightly uncomfortable than run out of gas, just saying...

I have some video that I took during the first week of Jan and I'll take some video next Nov/Dec to compare.  If I'm really brave, I'll post it here...

End of Feb Goals
1.  Be comfortable jumping a 2'7" to 2'9" course.
2.  Focus on riding Charlie's hind end, not his face and neck.  Use walk-trot transitions - if I'm doing this correctly, he should stay round in the transition.  This should also help me to work towards staying soft in my hand.  If this goes well, apply to trot-canter transitions.
3.  Find a solution for the walk.
4.  Hold a plank for 1 min; no shaking allowed, staying strong through the whole minute.
5.  Do 50 squats in 1 min and be able to walk for the rest of day with out looking like an old lady.

Ok, so there you go.  I think they're pretty measurable although somewhat subjective.  I reserve the right to add a few things to the year long goal list as I have lot's of stuff to work on - I just happen to have convenient memory loss...


Hmm...maybe she has something more interesting to eat...

...almost there...

Charlie says "Hi! What'd you bring me?"


  1. I like your goals for this month--they're achievable and measurable and you can control the things that lead to them.

    You really can't control your dressage score at an event. It's a nice target to aim for, but if you're happy with your ride and the judge is cranky, there's nothing you can do unless you can just afford endless lessons and event entries (in which case, have at it and take pics!)

  2. Haha! And here I thought I was making a good, measurable goal because a number was involved. Good point - I'm going to have to think on how else I can make it measurable. Thanks!

    PS Wish I had unlimited funds! Oh well, maybe in my next life...